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Chipotle e-Commerce

Food With Integrity, now on-demand.

As avid Chipotle fans ourselves, we believe that nothing should stand in the way of you and your burrito. So, in collaboration with Chipotle’s e-Commerce team, we set out to make online ordering as fast, easy, and streamlined as possible.

Bringing the offline experience online.

Knowing that Chipotle garnered its cult-like following with its in-store experience, we wanted to translate as many of those experiential elements as possible to the online space. The goal was to enable customers to access that same convenience, efficiency, and end-to-end customization whenever—and wherever—era Chipotle craving struck. What resulted was an online ordering ecosystem that delivered on this reality, bringing simplicity to the user on desktop, mobile, and tablet, while accommodating a highly complex backend system. In the online ordering experience, customers are guided through the process, from finding the nearest location, to customizing their meal, to confirming payment. And once users create an account, there is no need to re-enter personal information, payment details, or even favorite orders.

Burrito time, anytime.

Chipotle’s dedication to loyal fans and newcomers alike knows no bounds. Cue: the Burrito Button. When we were approached to help design and develop Chipotle’s Apple Watch App, we knew it would be a game changer for tech-obsessed burrito-lovers. We also knew it would be the perfect opportunity to showcase the brand’s personality and bring Chipotle’s signature playfulness to an entirely new kind of technology. But with the Apple Watch still in stealth mode, we had to be extremely nimble and diligent, working side-by-side with Apple’s User Experience team to get the product just right before launch. Using the same guiding principles as the mobile app—simple, functional design intended to surprise and delight—we created a way for preexisting customers to re-order saved and favorited orders, then track the countdown of their food being prepared, all from their wrist.

Always improving.

The integration of new technology into Chipotle’s connected customer experience brings with it an obligation to re-examine process and flow inside the brand’s brick and mortar locations. The experience between offline and online is, after all, connected, so part of making Chipotle’s food more accessible meant ensuring a seamless transition between the two spheres. In 2015, we were asked by Chipotle’s e-Commerce group to look specifically at the takeout line with the goal of improving efficiency, accuracy, and throughput. We conducted a comprehensive audit of the then-current state of the lines, and then measured the impact of certain optimizations being implemented at different locations over time. With these learnings, we will continue to partner with Chipotle to combine strategic insights and design to elevate the core customer experience, making it fast, easy, and downright fun to eat Food With Integrity.